Eloi Consulting

Resource Augmentation

We provide services in resource augmentation regarding design and development. We are in business to make valuable assets to all of our clients.

Resource augmentation is one of our priority which makes the business process interesting.


International Placements

  • Over the years, ELOI has placed candidates across UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA.

Permanent Staffing

  • 24 hours TAT for Identifying/Searching for potential candidates for permanent staffing
  • 6 In-house recruiters

Contract Staffing

  • The pool of qualified candidates who are immediately available for contract staffing
  • Maintain a bench capacity of 10%
  • Committed, Dynamic, Enthusiastic & Best-in-class Professionals

Contract to Hire

  • Transferring of contractual employees
  • Project-based recruitment
  • In house / on-site support for contractual employees