Case Study

PLM/CAD Case Study – 1

MBOM Implementation – Teamcenter

Power distribution equipment Major in UK

Customer wanted to Align components to consumption – Allocation of entire BOM is done in spreadsheet today. Occurrence/Qty split is done in spreadsheet today, which is error prone and not an efficient way when big assembly structures are to be exchanged between PLM and ERP
Plant Specific MBOM solution will help the business resolve many ongoing manufacturing challenges
EBOM and MBOM Separation done based on Design Intent and Manufacturing Intent.
Consumption of Engineering parts in MBOM can be tracked and with accountability checks.
Make-Buy decisions can be made by supply chain and AX Item Templates for a given company based on Make-Buy decisions, in PLM MBOM.
Implementing complex products with modular assemblies will transform how product data can be used.
The result will be increased engineering capacity, reduced production cycle time, and higher revenue.
Consumption based approach to build the location specific MBOMs (Plant Specific MBOM will closely match the Assembly BOP and EBOM).
Templated MBOM Transfer to AX – Purchase based on template MBOM.
Assign Plant ownership and update MBOM top level item. primary owning plant to create the MBOM based on their plant layout and resources availability.
Assign make/buy for all the parts in the template MBOM and transfer the BOM data to AX. Release work order and PO for the top-level template MBOM for critical parts.
Release the location specific MBOM after first transfer of template MBOM to AX. Change the Work order primary BOM to the MBOM. Receive the plant specific MBOM in the target company (ex 302), either as alternate BOM or replace the structure copied to company (ex 302).
Release the next level work orders only after receiving plant specific MBOM. All the updates will be sent to AX with target company as updated during location assignment in the BOM.

✅ Multiple company/location based product modeling adaption from the business.

Template/company assignment for created parts in AX.

Enforcing Business to build MBOMs based on Build Intent and not Design Intent.

Integration enhancements from PLM to AX for BOM transfers.


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