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Jumpstart your journey of achieving better business insights :

A large volume of data is exchanged in various operational procedures, transactions, through sensors, and even in between IoT devices. But the question is how to utilize this data for creating added value to your business without even being overwhelmed by such a large volume of data? Our IoT & analytics competencies empower clients to leverage upon existing of IoT device data for creating most dynamic, immersive, and tailor-made reports. Such reports can be combined with existing contextual data. This is something that minimizes data sorting & its consumption too. With the help of IoT, businesses can collect a large volume of data that hold upon the promise to deliver new insights and reducing cost significantly.

Become data driven organization with our IOT & data analytics service :

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Although companies today are making efforts and preparing themselves for becoming IoT ready, however, the entire road to IoT & analytics is being fraught with innumerable challenges. Our company has immense experience and expertise to completely understand the nature of the client’s business, infrastructure, data sources, and unique requirements for designing most appropriate solution. Our company assists you in becoming a data-driven organization by generating value from data. Our IoT & data analytics practice is fully focussed on utilizing IOT data for generating business insights & actions. Our IoT & data analytics service enables organizations to jumpstart the journey of achieving better business insights through the utilization of integrated, industrial-strength analytics along with AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform. This unique approach assists businesses in harnessing the ultimate power of analytics and artificial intelligence with a high level of flexibility, simplicity along with choice. The IoT data is analyzed in real-time irrespective of speed, at which this particular data is being processed, how much is its volume, and what are sources from where it is being generated. Since this data is not required to be stored at first, a business can respond quite quickly and at the same time flexibly to various patterns, exceptions as well as risks.

Draw most actionable insights from your IOT data :

With information & insights that are obtained from IoT data, clients can improve the efficiency of equipment and also the effectiveness of business operations. Our robust IoT & data analytics service lets businesses to analyze data even from millions of devices, develop quick, responsive IoT applications without even managing any hardware or infrastructure. Get ready to draw most actionable insights from your IOT data through the implementation of our robust IoT analytics solutions.

Marketing Analytics

  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Cross-sell / Up-sell
  • A/B Testing

Customer Analytics

  • Life-time Value
  • Segmentation Propensity
  • Modeling

Operations & Finance

  • Branch Profitability
  • Product Profitability
  • Incentives Optimization

Unstructured Data Analytics

  • Social Media Analysis
  • Mobile Banking Analysis
  • Big Data / Hadoop

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