Marketplace for Expired/Nearly Expired Food (B2B)

Dubai Based Food & Logistic Company

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✅ Dubai Food market suppliers incurred losses due to wastage of the nearly expired products and also have to bear dumping charges

✅ We designed an auction portal: SURPLUS STORE which offers unique solution to the food market suppliers and buyers to maximize their profits. Surplus Store is B2B auction portal, which serves as a platform to showcase and bulk selling of over stocked, slow moving, off season and nearing expiry products in particular and all other products in general. A corresponding mobile app has also been developed to the same effect.

✅ The sellers are able to maximize profits as they can make money from the nearly expired products. They are also relieved of the dumping charges.

✅ The Buyers can buy these products at a cheaper rate thus reducing the their raw material cost, in turn increasing their profit margin.

PHP, Laravel, MySql, MongoDB, JSON, Ubuntu, AWS

Martial Art Studio Management System

US based Martial Art Studio

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✅ The customer, wanted to automate the functioning of its karate studios which branched out at multiple locations. They wanted a remarkable UI.

✅ We developed the complete end to end tool to manage the clients multiple martial art studios. A striking UI using Angular has been created especially for the front-end users (students) customized on the basis of category (age) into which they fall. At the back-end, each studio owner possesses multiple programs having different no. of blocks and weeks. Students can take online admission into studio for a particular program and make online payment . Flexible payment options are available. After enrolment the student can login to check the profile, home work, attendance and performance. Homework task is dynamically populated based on program and time period.

✅ It brings an ease for studio owners for managing their multiple studios across all locations and track all the activities including the no of enrolments. At the same time now the students can manage their enrolment, training schedules through a web portal.

Angular, Node.JS, Express JS, Bootstrap, JSON, MYSql, Mongo DB, AWS

Marketplace for Unorganized Photography Sector

India Based Product Startup

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✅ Absence of a smart/online platform for the vast Photography market, which thus remained unorganized and largely inaccessible.

✅The platform called OneGlint is created through which the photography as a sector has smoothly transitioned to be an organised sector. OneGlint was designed to be a one stop solution for anything related to photography. Through this, one could access photography services ,training as well as shop for photography related materials. The rich UI and smooth user experience has been delivered to reach the target audience. APIs are also developed for external consumption.

✅ Due to digitization the reachability of the skilled and creative photographers expanded much beyond simply their line of contact thus enhancing their growth prospects.

✅ The customers/seekers of such services found a smart and convenient way to avail these services along with a tag of high quality and professionalism.

PHP, Laravel, MySql, MongoDB, JSON, Ubuntu, AWS

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