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Engineering Services Case Study

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Global Oil & Gas Major

The O&G Engineering Team wants to Integrate their Legacies and Enterprise Applications with Teamcenter – PLM System as single source of truth for its engineering data.

✅ Each Department organisation’s data synchronous with other department system data.

✅ Business process and object’s data lifecycle runs across the applications to complete its maturity.

Derived application get updated information across the Organization.

✅ Avoid duplication, manual data entry and inconsistence of data available across multiple systems.

✅ Through Teamcenter Gateway considering Teamcenter system as centralised system to share engineering data across supporting system/applications.

Data transfer between Teamcenter and Enterprise application through extended web services and its functions.

✅ Safe File Transfer Protocol mechanism used to transfer the file based on web service request.

✅ Develop web services function get consumed by 3rd party applications.

✅ Development, Test and release package into SIT, UAT, QA and Production. Provide post go live hyper care support.

Web Service Communication Protocols compatible with Enterprise Application architect.

✅ Web Services tool and its Messaging.


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