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NX is high-end mechanical CAD design software.

On the modeling side, NX offers the ability to work with wireframes, surfaces, solids, parametric and direct modeling all in the same interface.

NX also offers ‘convergent modeling’ allowing users to work with facet modeling (polygonal models) and Brep models at the same time. Facet models are more efficient for visualization, scanning and 3D printing, whereas Brep models are more ideal for engineering, and Siemens PLM allows the user to see both sets of benefits.


CATIA has broad application categories in the areas of products for Mechanical Design, Product Synthesis, Analysis, Shape Design and Styling, Equipment and Systems Engineering, Machining, Infrastructure (PDM) and more.

Drilling down, just in the area of Shape Design and Styling, CATIA has applications to refine complex geometry used in automotive and aerospace design, such as generative shape design, mechanical surface refinement, generative shape optimizer, developed shapes, freestyle sketch tracer, imagine & shape, Digitized Shape Editor, Quick Surface Reconstruction and Shape Sculptor.


SOLIDWORKS is the currently the most popular of the mid-range MCAD systems, and they have a massive array of optional applications.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Packages include Simulation Premium, Flow Simulation and Plastics Sustainability (life cycle assessment tools which allow you to search for comparable materials and see how they affect environmental impact).

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions include PCB, Electrical Schematic Standard, Electrical Schematic Professional, Electrical 3D, Electrical Professional and Circuit Works.


Creo Parametric allows you to do 3D solid modeling, direct modeling, assembly modeling, freestyle surfacing, sheetmetal modeling, analysis, MBD, working with imported Multi-CAD data and numberic control (NC) integration.

PTC’s Creo offerings include:

  • Creo Parametric – Parametric and direct modeling.
  • Creo Direct – Direct modeling for infrequent users.
  • Creo Options Modeler – Create multiple configurations with this modeler.
  • Creo Elements/Direct Modeling – Direct modeling with a simple interface.

Custom CAD Services

We help you customize the CAD software to your needs and requirements. Do detailed analysis including an in-depth view of product development process for improvements.

Invest your time in innovation

Our experts with industry and technical knowledge will manage the CAD software while you focus on Innovation and R&D.

Integrate Seamlessly

Our comprehensive CAD services will help you link functionalities and geographies across your supply chain to enable efficiency and speed to market.

Improve ROI

We help clients unlock the true value of CAD Implementation with proven tools and approach to get the most of your investments.

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