About Eloi Consulting

Specialist in PLM | IT Services & Staffing



We follow a set of values to help realize our mission, pursue our vision, and achieve our ambitious business targets. These values are already hallmarking of our company and underpin our company culture :

  • Trust : Through implicit faith, proficiency, consideration, and personal approach.
  • Quality : Through precision, excellence, and reliability.
  • Sustainability : Through foresight, and value creation.
  • Responsibility : Through pro-activeness and consistency.
  • Integrity : Through honesty, transparency, and respect.
  • Accountability : Through delivering what we say we will, and not passing responsibility onto others.
  • Competitiveness : Through staying agile and flexible, continuously looking for ways to do things better, faster, cheaper and stronger.

Why choose Eloi?

Because we Uniquely combine deep industry experience with consulting expertise to deliver results.

Provide solutions that addresses clients needs and helps sustain product and service advantage.

Have a team of world-class talent with a fine track record of providing result-oriented solutions.

Ensure that our solutions help you optimize the activities within individual functions of your organization and align them across your entire enterprise.

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